Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 31: Mo' comedy mo' problems 8/27/07

More of the same. Comedy Underground. Open mic. Tried some new stuff.

There was a bit of an audience there, who didn't seem into dirty stuff. I apologized before I got going. Went up with Toby impression (for the clean folks), George Gaynes (who played Henry Warnimont from Punky Brewster) impression, Lisa Loeb (didn't do well, but I like it), the new and improved Tab (it may be a joke after all), and the new hit, Nicole Ritchie's baby. That one did well and will be very good. It was a bit of a collab with Nick, Danielle and James but I had the premise so the bits all mine. My set went a little long, which I hate doing, gotta get that under control. Great sets from Danielle, Nick, and Solomon (Solomon's new bit is a stroke of genius), and James had his best set yet with multiple applause. Go you fucker, Go!

Lesson: Collaborations help take a non-joke to legendary status

Back-up lesson: Just because I like a joke, doesn't mean it's funny. Just because a joke isn't funny doesn't mean I wont do it. (actually that's a bad lesson, the first part is good, but the second...)

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