Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 71: Hosting for Craig 12/12/07

Craig Gass was kind enough to give me time for his show tonight at the Underground. I was happy as a clam to do this as I am a big fan and it gives me more face-time in a non-open-mic setting. When I get there there's some question with Carl as to whether I'm doing time or not, but it gets sorted out. A few minutes later he asks if I want to host. Of course I want to host. This is a good opportunity as I am good at hosting and can make a better impression. Let's see how this goes.

It's a 50% capacity show, which is not stellar for Craig but great for a Wednesday night. I do my safe set because I know it will get the crowd going. Mission accomplished, they like me and are in a good mood. There was an incredible line-up of guests including and not limited to Harold Gomez, Hennigan, and Jason Stewart (look them up and thank me later). All killed. Really my job was easy, keep the energy going between sets, but the other comedians were on a roll.

Then I bring out Craig Gass. When I do Jason Stewart comes out playing the guitar. They do a bit and then it's the Craig Gass show. He's really funny and amazing to watch. The thing with Craig is that he's such an amazing storyteller that he can read stereo instructions and make it interesting. He's also one of the deadliest impersonators I've seen. Impersonations are so over done that it's almost considered hack anymore, not to mention their are a lot of celebrities that are so impersonated that it's still more dangerously cliche'. The only reason that you'd want to take them on is that you do them perfectly. This is where Craig Gass comes in. His impressions are eerie to a Talented Mr. Riply level (sans Matt Damon). He does some standards: Walken, Pacino, Sandler, and they're perfect. My favorite, however, are his impressions of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from Kiss. They're dead-on perfect AND you've never seen anyone else do them before.

The show was awesome, Craig was awesome, Carl told me good job, I had an amazing time, I love this job.

Lesson: When Craig Gass asks you to do time, say yes.

Back-up lesson: When you get asked to host, say yes.

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