Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 13: Bombs Awaaaaaayyyyy 4/17/07

(in a sing-songy tune)
I bombed, I bombed, I totally fucking bombed, I bombed, I bombed, nobody thought I was funny, 'cause I wasn't, 'cause I bombed, 'cause I sucked, so I should quit comedy forever, crawl into a hole and fucking bomb by myself forever until I die...

(back to normal)
Hmm... yeah I bombed. OH MY GOD it was so stupid. See here's the thing, it was "Fight for Feature" tonight, an opportunity to get a feature set, a guest set, or host for Emo Phillips when he plays here this weekend. Gee, you think I'd use material that I've worked and know well. NO! Genius McSmartsalot here decided to surprise everyone with brand new untested material.

No body laughed.

I felt like I was in the vacuum of space for 5 solid minutes.

OK it wasn't that bad, but lord it wasn't good. Some things landed slightly, but it was not in the majority. The thing that kills me is what a bad idea it was to do that. I should've known better, but I got cocky and I paid the price. Of course I didn't get one of the slots and it would've been fucked up if I did. John Sanders did great and landed the feature which is awesome. David Cope who always cracks my shit up landed host. A guy who is really funny who's name I'm spacing got the guest spot. Losing doesn't get me because if I won then something would've been fucked up, but me not allowing my self to even be a contender makes me slap myself on the forehead with a Jensenian "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

Oh, and what a great night to fucking record myself. Brilliant, I finally do it, and this is the night. How smart am I.

So I get home and put it on in front of my roommates because I like to compound pain in order that I might learn a lesson somewhere. Here's the thing... it wasn't that bad. Mind you it wasn't great but there was a lot to work with, as opposed to me trashing the whole set. The roommates and friends had good feedback and they laughed, so I think it was a combo of the untestedness (my fault) plus the room (part chaos, part my fault for choosing safer material to work with).

For the record the set tonight was another part of "Don't Drink" bit which will be known as "Don't Do Drugs" bit. I think the two belong together which would help the build up.

So no Emo Phillips set for me. Fine. I deserve it. Sunday Mainstage is having 10 minute promotional sets which will be my longest time yet (on purpose that is). Fuck it, pulling out my big guns. Next weekend Dwight Slade. What do I have to complain about?

Lesson: Do not compete with untested material, no matter HOW good you think it is.

Backup lesson: Record each and every set.

ps now that I'm recording I'm going to look into getting mp3s onto this blog... we'll see how that goes.

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