Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 14: Imagine a Clever Title 4/22/07

Honestly... nothing much to report.

Showed up to Mainstage... 4 people there. Supposedly 10 min showcases so I went. Rumors of filming so I was going to do my more tested material. No film, no idea with the 10 min but by the time we got started there was no one there so, fuck it 10 minutes. I did my newer "Don't drink" into "Don't do drugs" instead. They're getting there, but they need to be tidied up. Honestly I could've done a lot more of that before I even put them up. No rewards for the lazy, clearly. For what it's worth I timed the set perfectly, but I could really cut down up to 3 minutes to compact the funny. Anyhoo, Joehole and I hung for a bit but we had to cut out early to hit up a birthday party. We both felt guilty leaving the open mic early, but a lot of people started showing up (probably from the Underground) so it probably didn't matter. Still.

Need more discipline.

It's occurring to me how fucked for comedy I'm going to be in the coming months with directing "As You Like It". I'll try to get one night a week in, but that's going to be about it. Fuck. After the show I'm going to need to get out there A LOT more, and I feel like I need more material. There's a lot of shit I haven't tested yet. I could conceivably dedicate this time to that. Hitting the open mics with new stuff and trying to give it a little polish for operation "club saturation".

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Lesson: Get your shit in order before you put it up.

Backup lesson: A.B.C.= Always Be Comedying

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