Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 20: Killin’ In the Name Of… 7/23/07

Danielle and I go to the Comedy Underground for more training for the big show. Our friend Solomon, who’s show we are doing, is there and a bunch of other people we know. I saw a lot people from the scene that I haven’t seen in awhile, like John Sanders and David Cope, which is cool, and introduce them to Danielle, which is also cool. Solomon had a great set, which was good for us because this was our first time seeing the guy that is headlining. Now we can advertise.

Danielle went up before me and used the same set and IT WAS AWESOME! She killed, everybody loved her, all our mutual friends were into it, all my comic friends loved her. It was awesome and I was very proud. I used the same set of shorter jokes and one liners and they all went over really well (save the “Tab bit”, I don’t know if that will ever go over, but I’ll never let it die). It was edgy shit (you know, birth control, bidet and genocide) and they responded exactly how I wanted them too. Two of the laugh-hole guys, who I swear could not remember me to save their life (understandable, they meet a lot of comics who want in their pants, I mean show), acknowledged me by name and complimented my set. Nice.

There were too many awesome things to say about the night. Suffice to say that Danielle and I were on cloud nine and felt really good about our upcoming show.

Lesson: The rewards of good comedy are vast. I should never stop.

Backup lesson: People know you when you are good.


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