Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 21: Bombin’ In the Name Of… 7/24/07

Danielle, Joe and I go to the Mainstage for open mic. More training, new stuff. I dust off “Don’t Drink bit” barely and try it out. There were over a hundred people in the club for a previous show but they all skidadled by the time we started. Also Travis was hosting, which, God bless him, meant long sets with longer introductions. Oh well, I went up relatively quick. Not much of my stuff dropped because a) there was barely anyone to drop it on and b) I hadn’t worked it too much. There was one guy who was digging how offensive it was.

Danielle tried a new bit, so she was nervous and went fast. Some of it landed but over all it needed a restructuring. Again, quiet crowd.

This is good though, to alternate a hit and a miss night. That’s a great way to keep inspired enough that it’s worth your time but humble enough to keep working. In 10 days we have to put up 15 minutes each so we have a lot to accomplish by that time. The great thing is that we’re both motivated and with living together we can pump each other up for it. All will be good. Stay tuned.

Lesson: Humility is a blessing.

Back-up lesson: Blow the dust off of old bits at home… not the club

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